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Aleph secures exclusive* media partnership with Tripadvisor

As the summer moves into its second half, the travel industry is coming alive again. People are feeling more cautiously optimistic about traveling, while travel businesses remain determined to make a strong comeback, bringing back jobs and driving post-pandemic growth.

Globetrotting allows us to discover and appreciate new cultures and interests, and those exchanges foster creativity and innovation. So, our return to travel is not only an important boost for the global economy, but also a crucial element in building mutual understanding and respect in a digitally connected world.

At Aleph, we are committed to playing our role by empowering new communities through exclusive* access to display  and native advertising on Tripadvisor. Extending the global support and accessibility of the platform’s ad solutions to new markets, we are introducing diversity to Tripadvisor’s brand partners, determined to be a part of the solution to global economic recovery**.

With the support of our brands, Httpool and IMS, advertisers in select European markets* can now reach travelers at scale, as millions visit Tripadvisor to plan, book, and share their travel experience every day on various devices. They are curious and open to hearing from both endemic & non-endemic brands that can make their travel experience truly unforgettable.**

“At Aleph, we make it our responsibility to empower people and their businesses in each and every corner of the planet.” explains Gastón Taratuta, CEO of Aleph. “By opening access to global platforms, educating new generations of digital marketers and supporting all businesses in their advertising campaigns, our goal is that no person and no business is left behind.”

Fueled by goodness, Tripadvisor keeps reminding us that the world is a friendly place, filled with amazing people.  Aleph can now work hand in hand with local advertisers and guide them on their path to success. No corner of the world should miss out on opportunities offered by digital advertising.

“Travelers on the Tripadvisor platform represent some of the most high-intent, high-value and highly sought after consumers within the global advertising community, and our partnership with Aleph will connect more international brands with future customers in more markets across Europe.” explains Christine Maguire, Vice President & General Manager of Global Media at Tripadvisor, proud of the key role that the platform played in many brands’ recovery efforts.

With 463 million monthly active users, presence in over 190 countries and displayed in 28 languages, Tripadvisor is the world’s preferred travel guidance company. The platform offers advertisers the highest levels of brand safety through its standard IAB and native ad formats that tout brand messages seamlessly in highly relevant content areas available for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile App, and Mobile Web.

Aleph brands are committed to supporting the businesses in the travel industry sector as they go through an inevitable transformation and lead the way to a greener, healthier and ever again more connected world.

* Most advertisers will benefit from access to Tripadvisor’s display and native ad solutions exclusively through Httpool in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland, and exclusively through IMS in Italy and Spain.

** Businesses from sectors such as aviation, hospitality, telecommunications, finance, automotive, and CPG, among others, will benefit from expertise and exclusive insights to drive their business results.