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Unlocking the power of digital media to fuel start-up growth

By Gastón Taratuta, Founder & CEO of Aleph Group

The world of today is more connected than ever. But every successful entrepreneur and marketer understands that one message does not fit all. Understanding subtle local realities, cultural specifics and languages are key to unlocking new market opportunities for any start-up in today’s highly competitive global economy. And tailoring a message is no longer just a matter of content – it’s also about the format.

Changing landscape

20 years ago, the internet was synonymous with the browser – you went online, visited some websites, and that was that. Today, that’s no longer the case due to the explosive growth and adoption of mobile apps. Now, every app has its own ecosystem where everything is walled in and platforms try their best to keep you there.

As such, every channel requires a different content format and delivery. Failing to understand the nuances and intricacies of individual platforms is as big a marketing faux pas as poor messaging.

To run successful campaigns, businesses must take care to understand how different users from different platforms interact with their content and what that means for their marketing goals. A ‘Like’ on Facebook is not the same as a ‘Like’ on Twitter, and users coming from different platforms will have different lifetime values (LTV).

This isn’t easy – learning to understand the users and their behaviors can take time, but it’s critical to taking a business to the next level.

One size doesn’t fit all

Businesses looking to grow domestically or internationally must be ready to adapt their content, format, delivery, and analysis, which can be challenging and time-consuming. Not only is there a deluge of elements to learn, track, and follow, these things are also extremely dynamic – trends change by the day, there are different conversations happening on different platforms, and everything from communication to marketing is constantly evolving.

Making a wrong move  can be more dangerous than not making any move at all. So how should  businesses stay on top of this?

It’s about choosing the right partner

Aleph Group provides comprehensive digital media experience that helps our clients stay on top of their game and ahead of the curve.

We act as a local partner for organizations looking to grow domestically or globally and enable their expansion by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to reach their goals and navigate uncharted territories.

Operating behind the scenes, Aleph identifies key details and processes to maximize value for their clients, exploring clients’ business attribution models, user LTV, average revenue-per-user and more.

Aleph teams have worked across dozens of industries and accumulated a wealth of organic knowledge that can be adapted and applied to benefit future clients.

Aleph’s experience is spread out across 1000+ team members in 80+ countries, operating in 50+ languages and working with various currencies and tax systems. This enables Aleph to not only amplify clients’ visibility across the globe but also to support key operational functions – from providing the personalized, localized expertise to building growth-centric infrastructure to reaching the right audiences.

Ultimately, the visibility of your product matters much more than the size of your business. By equalizing access to information, Aleph is leveling the global playing field and making it possible for anyone to compete at scale.

On top of that, Aleph acts as a quasi-VC by providing businesses with lines of credit to businesses that will kick off great ideas. Financial, technical, and creative support is given to anyone who can truly make a difference.

Hear straight from Gastón & Elyse

This article is a summary of a talk by Gastón Taratuta (Founder & CEO, Aleph Holding) and Elyse Estrada (CMO, Aleph Holding) that took place at the Go Global! event in September. You can watch the full talk here.